Hey I'm Jade. I'm just writing this on behalf of Amy, who is the person in the above photo, and the owner of this blog. She's not much of a conversationalist, and she wouldn't write much about herself, so I'm doing it instead. See below.

She has a face for directions. People are always asking her for directions. Even local people, in places where she is not local.

She gets pretty peeved about people who are not respectful of the cultures they are visiting. It's super important to her that she fits in as best she can, and not be unaware of the local customs. Like that time she was the only white person in a sari at a Hindu wedding.

She loves beer. But who doesn't. Especially a cold, easy drinking Asian brewed beer like Tiger, on a sweaty humid day in South East Asia. Where she's been heaps of times. And had heaps of beers. Where that's an appropriate thing to do.

She is pretty obsessed with photography. All kinds. Like, she has a collection of at least 50 film cameras.  But she wouldn't brag about it, it's a genuine, non hipster, kind of respect that she has for the craft of film photography. She's also got a Canon 700D and some pretty mad skillz on photoshop. So, there is a variety of image capturing going on here.

She also obsessive about her travel plans, and I think you, as a reader here, will really benefit from that. In particular, she likes to find amazing things off the beaten track. Like, abandoned buildings, vegetarian food, and how to cross the Ukraine border the easiest way possible. You know, really essential travel information, that you probably won't find in the Lonely Planet. Although, we do love the Lonely Planet.